Dealing with disappointment.  

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Straight talk on poly.  The things I struggle with.  

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julie_R talks about dealing with drama in the community and how not to let it effect your experience in the BDSM lifestyle.  

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Pet comes back with some questions for julile_R and SirRedemption.  

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Part 2 of julie_R talking with Miss Pet about her experience with 24/7.

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Part 1 of a 2 part episode with Miss Julie (EriksPet) about her experience with 24/7.  

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julie_R talks about obediance, transparency and consistency and making the decision to stop making excuses and actually DO what we've agreed to do.  

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julie_R and Ishtara talk about attitude!!  The times that you just feel funky and off balance.  How to get out of your own head and back into the game.  

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A hodgepod episode with julie_R and Ishtara.  

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I'm back!  Sparkle joins julie_R to talk about jealousy.  The hows and whys of it.  

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Slavery for the rest of us.  It's hard to be a "good slave" when you have a busy life.  julie_R talks about where she struggles and how she manages to get it done.  

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The Dominant Show.  Guests Insidious Muse and Service Slut join SirRedemption and julie_R for a talk about the challenges to being a Dominant.  Expectations, pressure and when D-types want to just ditch it all.  

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julie_R visits with slave panda.  With her Master, she shares the Southern Califormia Leather Master/slave title.  They talk about the competition, a recent reality show special and the challenges of managing her time and being in a poly household.    

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julie_R talks with DaddysBratty (Hayde) about getting over fears about being naked in the dungeon.  

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julie_R talks about meeting new people. finding play partners and submissive safety.

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Part 2- julie_R, SirRedemotion and DaddysBrattty talk about poly.

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julie_R talks with one of SirRedemptions submissives, DaddysBratty about thier relationship, being poly, and managing changes.

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julie_R talks to sparkle about being monogamous and having a polyamorous Master.  

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Another drive time episode about things to think about BEFORE you decide to move in with your Dominant and live 24/7.

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julie_R talks with SirRedemption about protocols and service.  

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julie_R talk about self care.  Why it's important to take the time to care for yourself to better care for your Dominant.

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Sorry for the weeklong break.  Life happens.  

In Episode 11 we talk about fetishes.  Kinky, naughty, rare  and some that are pretty common.  Lots of shenanigans as there was drinking involved, but a good time.  

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In Episode 10 julie_R talks about obedience, mindfulness, expectations and the times when being a submissive is challenging.  

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julie_R talks about topping in a scene.  

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julie_R sits down with her friend Pet and they talk about first impressions of the BDSM lifestyle, the first trip to the dungeon, and the first time you get into trouble as a submissive.  Pet also shares her thoughts on subspace.

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Somewhat of a WTF episode that talks mostly about play scenes in BDSM.  slave julie and Sir Redemption share thoughts on his favorite type of play- FEAR.  

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julie_R sits down and talks with Sparkle about her struggles with NOT being a masochist.  

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Taking with Ishtaria this week.  She asked me questions about M/s, poly and being the alpha.  Rest assured, there's no VETO card here.  If you enjoy the shows- be sure to rate and review it on iTunes!!  

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Sitting down with Sir Redemption again, we talk about discipline and punishment.  

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julie_R talks about needs, wants and requirements.  

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Talking to my Master, Sir Redemption.  We sat down and talked about how we got together.  Ahhh memories.  We also touch on submissive fears and how he helps me get past my fear of the BELT.  

Intro music is Snow Globe by The Brady Bastards.

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Welcome to the first episode of The Fearless Submissive.

In the episode, _Sparkle_ and I talk about the awesomeness that was the LA GrUE 2.0, the month of "yes", and how we both aspire to be The Fearless Submissive.

It's my first recording and after HOURS of editing, I just have to let go of the fact that it's not going to be perfect for a while!!  Please forgive the weird echo's and such.  It will get better.  Give me some time and I'll have cool intro and exit music and all the bells and whistles, but for now- I was just really excited to get started.

Thanks for listening!!


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