Dealing with disappointment.  

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Straight talk on poly.  The things I struggle with.  

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julie_R talks about dealing with drama in the community and how not to let it effect your experience in the BDSM lifestyle.  

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Pet comes back with some questions for julile_R and SirRedemption.  

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Part 2 of julie_R talking with Miss Pet about her experience with 24/7.

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Part 1 of a 2 part episode with Miss Julie (EriksPet) about her experience with 24/7.  

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julie_R talks about obediance, transparency and consistency and making the decision to stop making excuses and actually DO what we've agreed to do.  

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julie_R and Ishtara talk about attitude!!  The times that you just feel funky and off balance.  How to get out of your own head and back into the game.  

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A hodgepod episode with julie_R and Ishtara.  

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I'm back!  Sparkle joins julie_R to talk about jealousy.  The hows and whys of it.  

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