TFS- Ep 52

A last minute episode since my other recorders got jacked up!!!  GrUE, Holidays and Needs and Wants for the New Year!  


Los Angeles GrUE coming up January 16-18.

Orchid and Serpent

Saint Leather Toys

Violet Wand Store



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TFS- Episode 51












S-types like to complain, but what happens when we bad mouth our Dominant?  What message are we putting out there?  

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TFS- Episode 50












Lee Harrington joins me for my 50th episode!!  We talk about submission, safewords, and the things we carry with us through our journey.  

Check out the Passion and Soul Podcast

Lee Harrington's Website

Check out more awesome shows on the Erotic Awakenings Podcast Network.


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TFS- Episode 49











Brats and Manipulation.

SirRedemption and SarahMary join julie_R for a talk about bratting and manipulation.  What is bratting good for?  When has it gone too far?  


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TFS- Episode 48












 All about sex toys!!!

This week I talk to Dangerous Lilly, sex toy expert!!  This is a great episode about vibes, dildos and the materials that are safe for your body.  Check out the links for the companies and items we talk about.

Lilly's Website




Lelo Smart Wand

We-Vibe Tango



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TFS- Episode 47

Unplanned drivetime post about affirmations.  Why I think it's important to be able to find love and confidence from yourself!! 

Be sure to check out the new IOS App.  Android app is forthcoming.  



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Catching up with Sparkle.  She and julie_R talk about our online persona, talking to Dominants and why is it that when our Dominant isn't looking we are tempted to run amuck??  Also, how many dicks is too many?  


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TFS- Episode 45


Humiliation and degradation.  Talking with ServiceSlut from the Intellectual Kink Podcast. 


Be sure to check out ServiceSlut and Insidious Muse bi-weekly at SkidRow Studios.

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TFS_Episode 44

Welcome back!!! 

This Episode with Sarah_Mary with SirRedemption acting silly and adding commentary.  Masochism, Humiliation and the good ways to meet new people. YMMV.


Check out the Erotic Awakenings Podcast Network for great kinky and sex positive podcasts!!  



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Thank you for comments and emails I have recieved.  

Yes I will be back in September.  Just taking a break for the summer.  

I'll be back the first week of September as part of the Erotic Awakenings Podcast Network which is pretty exciting for me.  This won't change how you find or listen to me.  I'll have a new ad at the beginning of the show, but it's only 10 seconds long and it's for a podcast that you should be listening to anyway!!!

In the meantime, have a great August!!!

Much love,


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