Catching up with Sparkle.  She and julie_R talk about our online persona, talking to Dominants and why is it that when our Dominant isn't looking we are tempted to run amuck??  Also, how many dicks is too many?  


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TFS- Episode 45


Humiliation and degradation.  Talking with ServiceSlut from the Intellectual Kink Podcast. 


Be sure to check out ServiceSlut and Insidious Muse bi-weekly at SkidRow Studios.

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TFS_Episode 44

Welcome back!!! 

This Episode with Sarah_Mary with SirRedemption acting silly and adding commentary.  Masochism, Humiliation and the good ways to meet new people. YMMV.


Check out the Erotic Awakenings Podcast Network for great kinky and sex positive podcasts!!  



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