Welcoming back Star to the show to talk about her upcoming Submissive Bootcamp as well as her upcoming podcast DarkStar Kink!!!

Submissive Bootcamp, Class 1

Dark Star Kink Podcast

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TFS- Episode 51












S-types like to complain, but what happens when we bad mouth our Dominant?  What message are we putting out there?  

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Thank you for comments and emails I have recieved.  

Yes I will be back in September.  Just taking a break for the summer.  

I'll be back the first week of September as part of the Erotic Awakenings Podcast Network which is pretty exciting for me.  This won't change how you find or listen to me.  I'll have a new ad at the beginning of the show, but it's only 10 seconds long and it's for a podcast that you should be listening to anyway!!!

In the meantime, have a great August!!!

Much love,


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just a quick burst of brain from me

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Part 2 of julie_R talking with Miss Pet about her experience with 24/7.

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