TFS- Episode 45


Humiliation and degradation.  Talking with ServiceSlut from the Intellectual Kink Podcast. 


Be sure to check out ServiceSlut and Insidious Muse bi-weekly at SkidRow Studios.

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TFS_Episode 44

Welcome back!!! 

This Episode with Sarah_Mary with SirRedemption acting silly and adding commentary.  Masochism, Humiliation and the good ways to meet new people. YMMV.


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Thank you for comments and emails I have recieved.  

Yes I will be back in September.  Just taking a break for the summer.  

I'll be back the first week of September as part of the Erotic Awakenings Podcast Network which is pretty exciting for me.  This won't change how you find or listen to me.  I'll have a new ad at the beginning of the show, but it's only 10 seconds long and it's for a podcast that you should be listening to anyway!!!

In the meantime, have a great August!!!

Much love,


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I was asked what makes a good Dominant.  In this episode I discuss my past Dominants and what made them good for me, and why. 

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julie_R shares her thoughts about accountability in a power exchange relationship.

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Sparkle joins julie_R and they talk about some of the common myths about submissives.

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SirRedemption and julie_R sit and talk about ending a D/s relationship.  How to know when it's time to go.  

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Sparkle and julie_R have a fun show.  Talking about having fun with your Dominant.  It's not all just sex and beatings, although we talk about that a lot too!!!  


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Sir Redemption and julie_R talk about love.  How it relates to thier M/s relationship and why it's important to keep love and other emotions in the proper perspectve.

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A whole lotta stuff... communication, sports, shoes.  Just SirRedemption and julie_R talking and having a good time.

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