I was asked what makes a good Dominant.  In this episode I discuss my past Dominants and what made them good for me, and why. 

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julie_R shares her thoughts about accountability in a power exchange relationship.

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Sparkle joins julie_R and they talk about some of the common myths about submissives.

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SirRedemption and julie_R sit and talk about ending a D/s relationship.  How to know when it's time to go.  

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Sparkle and julie_R have a fun show.  Talking about having fun with your Dominant.  It's not all just sex and beatings, although we talk about that a lot too!!!  


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Sir Redemption and julie_R talk about love.  How it relates to thier M/s relationship and why it's important to keep love and other emotions in the proper perspectve.

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A whole lotta stuff... communication, sports, shoes.  Just SirRedemption and julie_R talking and having a good time.

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just a quick burst of brain from me

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SirRedemption and julie_R talk about the Los Angeles GrUE 3.  

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What a Dominant looks for in a submissive.  Sir Redemption gives his thoughts on what he feels makes a good submissive.  

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