Priorities.  Realizing that I was so busy taking of care of things that I stopped making time for Him.



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How to deal when you don't like your Dominant's other partner.  

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Welcoming back Star to the show to talk about her upcoming Submissive Bootcamp as well as her upcoming podcast DarkStar Kink!!!

Submissive Bootcamp, Class 1

Dark Star Kink Podcast

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julie_R talks about adapting to the changes in her life.



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TFS- Episode 62












julie and Star talking about your limits and your Dominants limits.  Also, what is a no-limit slave?  



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TFS- Episode 61












Sitting down to talk to Starkraving.  The long path to slavehood.

House Ravynblood


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TFS-Episode 60












JulieR talks about role play.  Her Daddy/little girl play with Sir Redemption and how that has grown over the years.  Ways to introduce role play into your relationship and things to watch out for.


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What happens when things stop being kinky?  

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Just catching up.

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TFS- Episode 57












Random and fun!!

Sir Redemption and I just celebrated our 4 year anniversary.  This show hits topics like M/s and BDSM, porn, new relationship energy, loopholes, intent and whether or not Sir Redemption is an "angry guy."  

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