TFS- Episode 56












Serviceslut joins me to talk about negotiations.  

This podcast contains portions of the book SM 101 from Jay Wiseman.  Published by Greenery Press. Copyright 1998.

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TFS- Episode 55, part 2












Part 2 of Episode 55, Consentual nonconsent, power exchange and obedience

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TFS- Episode 55












julie_R, SirRedemption and serviceslut talk about consentual nonconsent, power exchange and obedience.

This is the first part 1 of 2 part episode.

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TFS- Episode 54












This week I talk to Graydancer- kink performer, educator, writer and "rope guy extraordinaire" as well as the facilitator for the GrUE which can be found just about anywhere these days.

I talk to Graydancer this week about something a little unexpected- long distance relationships!!  





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TFS-Episode 53












This week the show was hijacked by Service Slut.  She decided to interview julie_R this week and ask her questions about relationships, 2015 and the Los Angeles GrUE.  

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