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The Fearless Submissive

Jan 30, 2014

just a quick burst of brain from me

Lil' DP
almost nine years ago

Hello Julie,

First I would like to say thank you for creating this podcast. I just discovered it last week when I decided it was time to stop trying to live vanilla after 13 years away. I only got as far as your second episode and was compelled to write to you as a commonality blew me away. I am currently in the midst of a separation from my husband who is an addict and have been living that oppressive life for 10 years now. He has taken everything of value I had including my self worth until I finally got enough clarity to make a change. Only about 2 weeks ago while he was away I asked him not to return and immediately posted *Lost sub in need of discipline, where are the REAL Doms?* I found my mind captured by my amazing long distance Master that has taken me through every step of getting to safety so to speak. I had some light experience prior to my marriage as I worked in a dungeon as a sub, trained by a lifestyle sub acting as a Dom and only scratched the surface. Of course I was asked to give that up and have greatly missed that aspect of my life for far too long. I am only beginning to explore my limits now as I am finally old enough to be able to say that my authentic self is a natural submissive and this is the lifestyle that I crave and need to feel whole. I wanted to thank you as I connected with you wholeheartedly when you spoke of your experience, it felt like a sign. I look forward to hearing/learning more from you as time goes on and I continue to work on being FEARLESS myself.

Thank you,