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The Fearless Submissive

Jan 24, 2015












This week I talk to Graydancer- kink performer, educator, writer and "rope guy extraordinaire" as well as the facilitator for the GrUE which can be found just about anywhere these days.

I talk to Graydancer this week about something a little unexpected- long distance relationships!!  





over five years ago

hi miss Julie. I have recently found your podcast and i have been binging on fearless submissive every alone chance I get. In the car or while getting for work I'm listening to it so often. Thank you for continuing your topics past episode ten lol. Im on episode 12 now. I was hoping you can cover two topics. Maybe interview a submissive who is a little submissive vs a full on slave and what the difference is. I am a little an a kitten . And apart of a ddlg group on f.b called ddlg wonderland and I'm bragging about this pod cast I found in my group. And it would be cool to hear how some other ds couples think of ddlg . Also for me I am 22 but I live apart from my daddy in my parents home. We can't afford to move in with our part time jobs but until then I'm living with my very religious conservative protective family who would flip if they knew I was sexually active outside of marriage much more so bdsm. How do ds couple deal in that situation of living under some one else's rules who is not their Dom. Thank you for your time. I'm just a huge fan . Hope to hear from you!