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The Fearless Submissive

Feb 22, 2015












Part 2 of Episode 55, Consentual nonconsent, power exchange and obedience

five and a half years ago

i love the 2nd part of this podcast episode and think you and Sir Redemption could do a great episode on obedience. It was awesome. When it comes to CNC I think you are missing a piece of the definition. Your definition at the beginning of the 1st part of the episode said it was an agreement to act as is consent has been waived. In my area of the country (ohio) CNC is seen more as a scene where it appears to be against someone's wishes (although negotiated and consented prior to the scene). The bottom may scream, say NO, stop, help, act out a rape, etc...for the scene. While I don't disagree necessarily with how you described it...what you described seems more like total power exchange rather than CNC. Keep up the great conversations.